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Heidi Mattek holding her baby

Our Story

The idea of a Newborn Nest was conceived...well….in a labor & delivery unit! Yep! I’m a proud mom of 4 children and a long time labor & delivery nurse and as my coworkers & I were preparing a bassinet for a laboring friend, complete with special blankets and cute signs to welcome her new little one, I thought to myself...every mom would love this for their new baby! That is when the Newborn Nest was born! 

Using my experience of caring for newborns, having my own children and being inspired by my mom, LaVerne, who lovingly taught me the art of sewing, I got my sewing machine out and went to work.

 I knew that parents would want their baby to have their OWN unique bedding. To have the first fabrics touching their baby’s skin be soft, not over-washed, bleached & scratchy.  For  their blankets and outfit  to help maintain their fragile body temperatures while having a home-like fragrance  and not the sterile, hospital smell. And, to have a choice of fun, colorful prints to make those first photos perfect to share with family & friends! 

The Newborn Nest has all of this and more! From the specially-fitted hospital bassinet sheet  to the convenient gown with no snaps, ties or buttons (parents' & nurses' favorite!) It's  sure to be a favorite shower gift or on the "must-have" list! In addition, the Newborn Nest is also designed to grow with your baby and will be used for years to come!

I believe every baby is special and that the unique Newborn Nest will become a modern essential for babies everywhere!


Heidi Mattek
Heidi Mattek Signature
Founder, A Newborn Nest