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The Newborn Nest replaces all the boring hospital-supplied linens for newborns. It was designed as a unique & fun way for the new parents to show off their new baby to friends and family and to have this milestone captured with beautiful photography! But, more importantly, it was designed with the special needs of a newborn in mind. Having spent decades as a Labor & Delivery nurse, I carefully thought through how each piece of the Nest could meet a newborn's most important, immediate needs.   

What does the Newborn Nest include? 

Swaddle Blanket

  • Swaddling a baby gives them if they are back at "home" in mama's tummy!
  • Made with the softest cotton gauze (for knits...soft organic cotton), light weight but keeps them warm and cozy.                                                         

Fitted Sheet

  • Fits snuggly around the hospital bassinet mattress
  • No need to worry about a blanket or pillow case coming un-tucked and bunching up around your baby's face. 

Cuddle Blanket

  • Made with a heavenly soft, light weight minky type fabric to give your newborn just a bit more warmth while in the hospital. (Those rooms can be very chilly!)
  • Perfect to drape over baby while snuggling skin to skin. 

Burp Cloth

  • Constructed with absorbent terry cloth on one side and coordinating fabric on the other side which matches the other pieces of the Nest.
  • Great for those little newborn spit-ups and so much softer than the paper wipes the hospital gives you! 

Newborn Gown

  • Made with naturally organic bamboo & cotton with just a touch of spandex for the softest, stretchy comfort. The dreamy fabric is oh-so gentle next to your baby's tender skin!
  • Designed to make diaper changes a breeze. It truly is a parents' AND nurses' favorite!  


  • Helps newborn with their temperature stabilization. (The top of your baby's head is where they lose most of their heat and a newborn is not able to regulate it's own body temperature. It is very important for temperature stabilization to keep a hat on your baby the first couple days. I even designed the Nests for girls with a hat instead of a bow for this reason.)
  • Made with the same bamboo fabric as the gown and fits snugly so it stays in place. 
  • Made to match the gown so makes for beautiful newborn photography! (No more blue & pink striped hat you see on all newborn pics!)

Drawstring Bag

  • Designed to conveniently bring your Newborn Nest to the hospital
  • Just toss it into your overnight bag, ready for the big day!  

Many hospitals have the bassinet already in the room on admission. (If they don't, you can ask for it!) The hospital linens can be changed out right away, before your baby is born! It will add to the excitement and anticipation of their birth.  


Beyond the Hospital

When I designed the Newborn Nest, the primary vision was to replace the faded, scratchy, boring hospital baby linen. But, because hospital stays are so short, I also wanted the pieces to become favorites for months and years to come! Here are a few ways your Nest can be used Beyond the Hospital!

Swaddle Blanket

  • Most babies love to be swaddled for the first few months.
  • Large & airy, perfect to use as a cover-up while breastfeeding
  • Drape over a stroller to protect them from the sun, wind and the paparazzi!
  • Tummy time 
  • Beautiful, unique prints to use for your professional newborn pics
                                      Newborn Nest Pot of Gold


Cuddle Blanket

  • Tummy time
  • Cuddle time
  • Perfect as cozy lovey as they grow into toddlers! (Seriously...this blanket feels like little fluffy clouds!)

                                        baby coming home outfit

Fitted Sheet

  •  Will fit smaller home bassinets and some bassinet-type strollers & infant seats. 
  • Have it made into a Memory Bear or pillow to commemorate your baby's first linens!

a beautiful newborn baby nest


Burp Cloth

  • You can never have too many of these! (I know...I had four children!)
  • Keep it in the matching drawstring bag and you'll always have it handy for those quick errands.

Newborn Gown

  • This will become your favorite night wear for your baby! (Not having to get those wiggly legs into a sleeper or matching up snaps may seem trivial but @ 3am...the struggle is real!)
  • Size 0-3 months

Top Knot Hat

  • Perfect for outdoor walks to keep them warm in cooler weather 
  • Protects their sensitive scalp from the sun.
  • Size 0-3 months

Drawstring Bag

  • The perfect size for a mini diaper bag. Keep a couple diapers and some wipes in it for those quick errands.
  • Plenty of room for the necessities! No need to haul a big diaper bag with all the paraphernalia for a quick trip to the grocery store!
  • Big enough to pack baby's things in for a visit to grandma's place!
  • Fully lined, stylish & unique. Machine washable.
  • And, since it is the same matching fabric as the rest of the set, you can reminisce about that beautiful day every time you use it! 



"The Newborn Nest for our baby Eliana was so beautiful! Thank you so much!
– Samantha & Dillion
"Clark's Newborn Nest is so cute! All of the nurses are gushing over it!  He was so cozy during our hospital stay! We love it!"
– Kaila
"I loved my set with the elephants and pink moons! The hospital pictures turned out so awesome!"
– Janelle
"I received this as a gift at my baby shower. I would highly recommend it. My baby is now 1 month old , and I have used the beautiful, soft blanket so much. When I was in the hospital, I made the bassinet nice and cozy by using the fitted sheet, swaddling her in the breathable swaddle blanket and covering the bassinet with the pink blanket. The little hat and onesie were the perfect size for my newborn. I love it so much that I am buying a set for my friend's baby shower."
– Peggy