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Beyond the Hospital

When I designed the Newborn Nest, the primary vision was to replace the faded, scratchy, boring hospital baby linen. But, because hospital stays are so short, I also wanted the pieces to become favorites for months and years to come! Here are a few ways your Nest can be used Beyond the Hospital!

Swaddle Blanket

  • Most babies love to be swaddled for the first few months.
  • Large & airy, perfect to use as a cover-up while breastfeeding
  • Drape over a stroller to protect them from the sun, wind and the paparazzi!
  • Tummy time 
  • Beautiful, unique prints to use for your professional newborn pics

newborn baby nest

Cuddle Blanket

  • Tummy time
  • Cuddle time
  • Perfect as cozy lovey as they grow into toddlers! (Seriously...this blanket feels like little fluffy clouds!)

Fitted Sheet

  •  Will fit smaller home bassinets and some bassinet-type strollers & infant seats. 
  • Have it made into a Memory Bear or pillow to commemorate your baby's first linens!

a baby in a bassineta baby in her bassinet


Burp Cloth

  • You can never have too many of these! (I know...I had four children!)
  • Keep it in the matching drawstring bag and you'll always have it handy for those quick errands.

Newborn Gown

  • This will become your favorite night wear for your baby! (Not having to get those wiggly legs into a sleeper or matching up snaps may seem trivial but @ 3am...the struggle is real!)
  • Size 0-3 months

baby girl nest

Top Knot Hat

  • Perfect for outdoor walks to keep them warm in cooler weather 
  • Protects their sensitive scalp from the sun.
  • Size 0-3 months

Drawstring Bag

  • The perfect size for a mini diaper bag. Keep a couple diapers and some wipes in it for those quick errands.
  • Plenty of room for the necessities! No need to haul a big diaper bag with all the paraphernalia for a quick trip to the grocery store!
  • Big enough to pack baby's things in for a visit to grandma's place!
  • Fully lined, stylish & unique. Machine washable.
  • And, since it is the same matching fabric as the rest of the set, you can reminisce about that beautiful day every time you use it!